The master of change

You want to be able to wow someone with your service.

Perhaps you’ve seen masters change people’s lives with their craft and you want to be serving on that level.

You know you have all the tools, but there is something unseen to you that is holding you back from unleashing the magic of those tools.

And this prevents you from giving to the people you care about in a way that you think expresses to them how much you care.

This happens when two things occur:

1) you confuse the service you provide with why people care.

2) you think that a person like a master can change someone else’s life.

To help understand why people care, I like to reference what Simon Sinek says: “People don’t buy what you do. They buy why you do it.”

The way people feel is the sum total of all the internal and external happenings in their lives AND the meaning they choose to give to the subjective experience of all this simultaneous stimuli.

Your adjustment, your gift, your words…

are just one component of their experience.

So is the way you look at them.

So is the way you speak to them, hug them, follow up with them, listen to them…

How you love them will show them why you do your work and that is what they pay for.

You love them while you train what you do. If adjusting the cervical spine is difficult for you, train it. By doing so, you are investing time, energy and love into the people you serve and they will exchange time energy and money to receive the benefits of your training.

Regarding the masters who change lives, remember that masters are people who used to worry that their service wasn’t good enough. And they kept showing up, learning, and growing.

Realize that the people who changed under the hands of a master trusted the master and their willingness to trust opened themselves up for the change.

The person who changes is the master of their own transformation.

The master may have shown up in a way that facilitated trust. They may have had trust bestowed upon them by the word of mouth of a trusted source.

Either way, the master earned trust. And then… what they did contributed to a change that the person was ready for.

If you can find yourself within each layer of this story arc, I hope you will see that you are the agent of the change you seek to make in yourself. Your service will reflect the changes you’ve made.

The people you serve are the ones that give the power to the masters that they seek. Trust is the key that unlocks the power and allows the change you seek to make.

Trust yourself and the process.

Focus on who you seek to serve and why you care. Then let your why infuse the training of what you do.

The results of this are:

You change.

Your service changes.

You trust yourself.

Therefore, those who receive your service also trust you and allow themselves to be changed with the help of your service.