Scared that it won’t or scared that it will?

Some people say no to doing something new because they’re scared that it won’t work. More often we deny because of the fear that it will. And because if it does work we’ll have to face ourselves in that new reality.

In light of information that shifts our perspective, we either change our status quo or carry the tension of this knowledge without action. The latter brings with it a destructive stress and is close to the root of most symptoms, sickness, and disease.

Knowing that we have an answer to our problem, albeit an inconvenient one, is impossible to unlearn but easy to ignore. Making one change that we want often means other changes that we may not feel ready to make.

If we change our diet to stop inducing inflammatory explosions within our gut, brain, and skin, we may have to alter how we spend our weekends.

If we want to stop our negative self-talk we may have to stop spending time with those we love but treat us poorly.

If we start exercising more often, we may have to give up those activities that keep us sitting on the couch for hours on end.

We all have problems.
We also have answers.

Not all of the answers are right, but the worst-case scenario of choosing wrong is getting better at making our own choices and living with the consequences.

It may seem scary, but whether you choose or not, change is on its way.