Tension draws attention

In the body, tension draws attention.

In a state of ease, without tension drawing you away from the present, you can enter meditative or flow state. When you marvel at the world, you pay no attention to your eyes. When you heard your name as you crossed the stage, you paid no attention to your ears. When you move, however, it is common for people to pay attention to the body. To even anticipate the need to pay attention to the body.

Soreness getting out of bed.

Aching while sitting or standing at your desk.

Fatigue while playing with your kids.

Pain during exercise (even yoga sometimes!)

Although this distraction is common, this is not inherently bestowed upon us. Your body earns your attention because you accumulate tension. Increasing stress, negative coping strategies, and compensations produce tension.

You pay for what you ignore. Your body makes you pay with attention.

Balance the tension with ease using positive coping strategies. The foods you eat, the joints you mobilize, the spine you stabilize, the thoughts you think, and the time you invest recuperating will change your tissues, your posture, and how you carry tension.

Pay attention now, in the moments between the moments, when the stakes are low. Remove the barriers and distractions of tension and pain so you can show up and stay present for when life presents its marvels.

For your kids.

For your partner.

For yourself.