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Change your brain, change your life

What we think, say, do, and focus on changes our brain. Between the moment that something happens and the moment that we respond, there is a space. In this space we have the chance to choose what we think, say, do, and focus on. It is in the space just beyond the stimulus that we…

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The stimulus and story of pain

Consciously, pain is a stimulus. Suffering is story. Just like watching our thoughts drift away in meditation, we can watch whatever story our minds create about the pain drift away as well. This is delicate with chronic pain since the body is so efficient at compensating. There are times when it serves us to let…

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Keeping it real

Something happened. We actually only perceive a percentage of what happened. The percentage we could see, hear, taste, touch, and smell from our perspectives. We don’t know all that happened or other imperceptible elements of what happened. Just what we perceived. Just the vibrations strong enough to discharge our receptors. And yet, even what we…

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