Make new mistakes

If you remain teachable, mistakes are like seeds you plant in the soil of your subconscious that emerge later in life as lessons learned. With this in mind, the only real mistakes made are the ones we repeat after having learned the lesson previously.

When you knowingly sabotage yourself by deciding to do what you know is counterproductive to your life or out of integrity with your values, this also plants a seed. However, this type of seed burroughs its roots deeply, robs energy from other seeds, and when in full bloom casts large shadows that block the light of the world from us and our light from the world.

If these weeds exist in your mind, find them and rip them out by the roots. Avoid planting more of them by reflecting upon the mistakes you’ve made in the past and the inevitable mistakes you’ll hopefully continue to make in the future. As you do this, stay humble, adapt, and express gratitude for the opportunity to learn the lesson.

Making mistakes and planting seeds are a must to ascend the learning curve of life. Keep trying to make new mistakes and grow beautiful lessons.

Be gentle with yourself WHEN you’re not perfect and realize that, in addition to repeat-mistakes, there is one other kind of mistake that leads to a lack of lessons…

Not planting any seeds at all.