I first dabbled in the podcast space as a guest on The Chiropractic Philanthropist-Episode 210.

After experiencing how fast a message can travel with this medium, I co-produced, along with Ray Daniels, The Artful Chiropractor (TAC) Podcast.

WIth TAC breaching its 100th episode, we've learned a lot about helping people share their messages and I have had the opportunity to share mine.

Start with these four…

The Mind Games Podcast with Hailey & Ronnie Lott

Dr. Lance von Stade on The Chiropractic Philanthropist

From Technician to Artist

Creating Simplicity Accountability and Discovering the ONE THING


And here’s a list as of late May 2019, with some duplicates likely:

Men With Heart Podcast

Creating A Brave Space - ANTC Level 3

Why Go Deeper for KTC Level 3 | Moving Through Waves and Spirals | Preparing for the Subtleties

Dr. Lance Interviews Dr. Raymond Daniels - The Man Behind the Mission

Highlights of The Artful Convention / KTC Special Ops Intro

Takeaways From ANTC2 Bay Area

Questions From KTC - Module Implementation, Desired Results, Empowering Others

Learning New Information and Finding Outlets

Poem - KTC in 2016

State of the Art Address (Marietta, Georgia)

Dr. Lance von Stade and Dr. Louise Kingsford - The Path to Unity


The following are episodes of TAC for which I contributed a "Kairos Update". The updates were often answering questions from the KTC community or sharing stories and insights from the road as Dr. Brett Jones and I traveled and led 60 chiropractic training immersion seminars in six countries within three years. You can find me hidden toward the end of these episodes if you'd like to dig. The guests themselves are wonderful too if you'd like to listen.

10/25/17 Kairos Update by Dr. Lance von Stade [starts at 1:07:08]

048 - Jenn Rauscher - From Stage Performing to Chiropractic - Investigating while Listening, Embracing Hula Hoop, Appreciating your Life

047 - Dr. Brett Jones - Virtual Prisons, Channeled Writing, Consumption vs. Expression / KU - Dr. Lance von Stade Questions and Re-Creation

045 - Dr. Sura Al-Shibib - Asking Deeper Questions, Serving Refugees, Intentional Routines

039 - Dr. Damiano Costa2: WCCS/agm 17' - Transcending the Communication that Divides us

037 - Rebekah Riches - Understanding your Experience and Expanding your Comfort Zone

033 - Dr. Lexi Meleski - Being Resilient while Serving the other 90%

031 - Dr. Derrell Blackburn - Permission to Express and Honoring YOUR Process

029 - Dr. Damiano Costa - Unity with Respect to Diversity

026 - Dr. Katie McCalley - Blazing her Trail to Mastery with Skill, Passion and Love

022 - Mandy Chan - Finding Power throughout the Journey

019 - Dr. Josh Caya - Resonance with your True Self

017 - Dr. Dan Bronstein - Raising the Standard in Pediatrics

015 - Dr. Joe Merlo - Trust the Process

013 - Dr. Jesse Morris - Finding Certainty

011 - Dr. Jordan Fairley - Stepping up from the Beginning

009 - Dr. Tim Young - People Deserve Mastery

008 - Dr. Crystal Jones - Intuitive and Intentional Chiropractic

007 - Dr. John Martinez - Evolving the Art

006 - Dr. Katina Manning - Adjusting the Entire Matrix

005 - Dr. Jay Komarek - From Animals to Humans